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Love Under Arrest
Love Under Arrest
Love Under Arrest

Original Title: L’amore a domicilio

Director: Emiliano Corapi

Screenplay: Emiliano Corapi

Photography: Vladan Radovic

Editor: Marco Costa

Music: Giordano Corapi

Cast: Miriam Leone, Simone Liberati, Fabrizio Rongione, Anna Ferruzzo, Luciano Scarpa, RenatoMarchetti, Antonio Milo

Production: World Video Production con RAI CINEMA

Distribution: Netflix

Year: 2019

Country: Italia

Length: 89’

Synopsis: Renato has always been fearful of sentiments, avoiding relationships that he really had
to commit to. But when he finds out that the charming Anna, met by chance, is under house
arrest, he decides for once to let himself go and experience the feelings he always feared. In that
house, where he is the only male actor on the stage, he is convinced he can control the situation.
In love, however, there are no safe routes and soon the situation becomes more complicated.


Biography: Emiliano Corapi was born in Rome in 1970. He graduated in law and then he stepped into the world of cinema by writing and creating several short films, which received lots of recognitions, such as the Moravia Award for screenplay, the Audience Award at the Tourin Film Festival and the Silver Ribbon. In 2011 he debuted with the feature film Sulla Strada di Casa, which received a strong critical acclaim and several Italian and foreign awards. Apart from being a director, he is also a screenwriter, and he takes part in the writing of several scripts for other director’s films.