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L’ARIA SALATA / Salty air

Director: Alessandro Angelini
Script: Alessandro Angelini, Angelo Carbone
Photography: Arnaldo Cantinari
Editing: Massimo Fiocchi
Music: Luca Tozzi
Cast: Giorgio Pasotti, Giorgio Colangeli, Michela Cescon, Katy Saunders
Production: Rai Cinema e Biancafilm
Distribution: 01 Distributìon
Year: 2006
Country: Italy
Running Time: 127′


Fabio is a young educator who works with passion and dedication helping former prison inmates with their reintegration into society. Sometimes he is forced to clash with those who expect favors from him to obtain bonus leaves or the much hoped for work releases. But Fabio allows no discounts and makes no exceptions to his principles, even though this costs him much more than he is willing to admit. One day a prisoner, sent to him by a colleague and who is serving a sentence for homicide, has a conversation with him. This is Sparti, a man with a very difficult character, which prison has helped harden even further. The unexpected encounter with him forces Fabio to face the ghosts of a family past which he had blotted out in his mind, and clash with his sister Cristina, who does not want to reopen old wounds that jeopardize the tranquility of their current lives.


Born in Rome in 1971, he worked as a photographer for various press agencies before starling his cinematographer career as assistant director and then first assistant director. Over the past ten years he has worked with many important ltalian directors including Nanni Moretti, Mimmo Calopresti, Francesca Comencini and Sergio Rubini.