Audition On The Subway

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Audition On The Subway

Director: Son Heui-song

Script: Son Heui-song

Photography: Kwon Jae-kyoung

Editor: Son Heui-song

Music: Kim Hyoung-bin

Cast: Lee Yun-ji

Production: Lee Eun-young

Distribution: Rainyday Pictures

Country: South Corea

Year: 2019

Length: 4’34’’


Unknown Actress Yoon-ji gets on the subway after finishing her part time work. At that time, a famous director calls Yoon-ji and says that her role will be a singer. he then asks Yoon-ji to sing over the phone.

Siqi Song. Born in China, Siqi Song is a Writer/Director/Animator based in Los Angeles, CA. Song is the recipient of the 2018 LAIKA Animation Fellowship and Film Independent Project Involve Fellow. Her work has won top awards at Aspen ShortsFest, Austin Film Festival, Foyle Film Festival and have been shown in many prestigious film festivals, including Sundance Film Festival. Siqi is an alum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and California Institute of the Arts.