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L’enfant sans bouche

L’ENFANT SANS BOUCHE / The kid without mouth

Director: Pierre-Luc Granjon
Script: Pierre-Luc Granjon
Animation: Pierre-Luc Granjon
Music: Delphine Daumas
Editing: François Caddt
Production: Pierre-Luc Granjon
Running Time: 4’30”
Year: 2004
Country: France

There once was a child who had no mouth. Whereas the rabbit had large ears…


Pierre-Luc Granjon was born in France in 1973. He has been working at the Folimage studio since 1998 as a clay model maker and animator for the series Hilltop Hospital, directed by Pascal Le Nôtre. He is also the director of Petite escapad (2001) and Le château des autres (2004), both produced by Folimage. L’enfant sans bouche, his third film has been produced by a new studio called Corridor.