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Director: Michael Winterbottom
Script: Tony Grisoni
Photography: Marcel Zyskind
Music: Dario Marianelli
Editing: Peter Christelis
Cast: Jamal Udin Toraci, Enayatullah, Imran Paracha, Hiddayatullah, Jamau, Wakeel Khan, Abdul Alunad, Allah Bauhsh, Mirwais Toraci, Amanullah Toraci, Hossai Baghaeian, Nabi Elouhabi
Production: Revolution Film
Distribution: Mikado
Year: 2002
Running Time: 90′
Country: Great Britain

Awards: Golden Bear at Berlinale 2003

Living in a camp for Pakistani refugees in Peshawar after the end of the conflict in Afghanistan, two cousins, with the help of relatives, decide to seek a better future. Crossing Iran, Turkey and Italy, the two travel retracing the steps of what used to be called “the Silk Road”. Hidden in a tractor-trailer, or in a freight container, they survey nevertheless, through menacing encounters, various dangers, and impossible living conditions. They eventually reach their ultimate goal: London.


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