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MEURTRIÈRES / Lady killers

Director: Patrick Grandperret
Script: Frédérique Moreau, Patrick Grandperret
Photography: Pascal Caubere
Editing: Dominique Gallieni
Music: Silth
Cast: Hande Kodja, Céline Sa lette
Production: Caroline Benjo, Carole Scotta
Distribution: Wild Bunch
Year: 2006
Country: France
Running Time: 142′

Two girls, Nina and Lizzy, meet in the psychiatric ward. Each recognizes a kindred spirit. They break out. Together, they are strong, joyful, as they drift through the barren outskirts of La Rochelle. But hour by hour, the world slips further and further away from them: a world on which they have no hold. Then one man of too many crosses their path. He will pay for the others. Based on a true case, Patrick Grandperret’s devastating film is an adaptation of legendary director Maurice Pialat’s long-cherished but unrealized project, Les Meurtrières..


His first feature film, Court-Circuit, was released in 1981 and got the Jean-Louis Bory Award. He then shot four other films, among which Mona et Mai (Jean Vigo Award in 1989) and L’enfant Lion (1993). Meurtrières is his sixth feature film.