Raising Victor Vargas

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Raising Victor Vargas


Director: Peter Sollett
Script: Peter Sollett
Photography: Tim Orr
Music: Roy Nathanson, Bill Ware
Editing: Myron Kerstein
Cast: Krystal Rodriguez, Altagracia Gruzman, Melonie Diaz, Kevin Rivera, Victor Rasuk, Judy Marte, Sylvestre Rasuk
Production: Untitled Production
Distribution: Wild Bunch
Year: 2002
Running Time: 88′

Country: USA

During a hot and Humid summer, Victor, a teenager on New York’s Lower East Side, is enjoying the golden age of adolescent pleasures. Even though he lives in an household with his little brother, his sister, his grandmother, he is transfixed by the fantasy that he is famous as the Don Giovanni of the neighbourhood, and he proceeds to act that role. But when the gossip spreads that he’s just enamoured of a chubby girl who lives two floors up in the same apartment building, his reputation is at stake.


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