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Title: The fox and the Tomten

Directors: Yaprak Morali, Are Austnes

Script: Ingrid Haukelidsæter, Mina Juni Stenebråten, Are Austnes

Original Storybook: Astrid Lindgren

Editors: Yaprak Morali, Are Austnes

Music: Gaute Soraas, Joakim Berg

Voices: Dennis Storhøi

Production: Qvisten Animation, The Astrid Lindgren Company, Hydralab

Country: Sweden

Year: 2020

Length: 9’


Chameleon and Kiwi are a strange pair: while the former draws attention with his changing colors, the balding and perpetually frightened Kiwi shies away from any attention at all. But when a storm sweeps away the roof over their heads, they must work together to save each other!



Yaprak Morali

Yaprak Morali started her career in 1999 as a classical animator, she has been working since 2008 as an animation director and filmmaker.


Are Austnes

After graduating from Fine Arts, Are Austnes has been working as a production designer and director at Qvisten Animation since 2007.