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Se fossi in te
SE FOSSI IN TE / If I were you
Director: Giulio Manfredonia
Script: Valentina Capecchi, Anna Maria Morelli, Giulio Manfredonia
Photography: Gino Sgreva
Music: Aldo De Scalzi, Pivio
Editing: Cecilia Zanuso
Cast: Lunetta Savino, Paola Cortellesi, Emilio Solfrizzi, Fabio De Luigi, Gioele Dix, Bob Messini, Manuela Ungaro
Production: Cattleya
Distribution: UIP
Year: 2001
Running Time: 100′

Country: Italy

Andrea, an accountant for a textile enterprise, hates life. His family suffocates him, his job is boring and repetitive, the longing for his youth full of hopes in the arts increases. Bemardo, on the contrary, is a successful entrepreneur whose careerism, however, has gradùally isolated him from the rest of the world. Cristian is a DJ who, in order to eke out a living, has to work in a club for swingers One night, by chance, Andrea, Bemardo and Cristian meet on a beach. A sudden flash makes it possible for each one of them to take the place of the one he had just admired and envied.