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Title: Seed

Director: Dave McKenna

Screenplay: Dave McKenna

Animation: Dave McKenna

Sound and voices: Rich Webber

Music: Baxtracker

Production: Dave McKenna

Year: 2018

Country: Ireland

Length: 2’

Synopsis: Muggins and Tuggins have arrived on Earth and have different opinions on the uses of seeds.

Biography: Dave McKenna is an animator with over 11 years experience creating children’s animated content. Past shows include Ben and Holly, Little Kindom, The Day Henry Met…, The Adventure of Abney and Teal and the BAFTA winning Dipdap. Dave has also worked in advertising and corporate films for a varety of clients such as Disney XD, Nickelodeon, The Brothers Mcleod, Dreamworks Online and Aardman Animations. Muggins & Tuggins: SEED is the first in a series of shorts created by Dave for the Youtube channel Aardboiled curated by Aardman. Seed is Dave’s first independent film.