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Title: Better days

Director: Derek Kwok-Cheung Tsang

Script: Lam Wing-sum, Li Yuan, Xu Yimeng (adattamento del romanzo Young and Beautiful, diJiu Yuexi)

Photography: Yu Jing-pin

Editor: Zhang Yibo

Music: Varqa Buehrer

Cast: Zhou Dongyu, Jackson Yee, Yin Fang, Huang Jue, Wu Yue, Zhou Ye, Zhang Yifan

Production: Goodfellas Pictures Limited, Fat Kids Productions

Country: China

Year: 2019

Length: 136’

Award: Best Foreign Language Film Nominee


Nian is preparing for the college entrance exam, where competition among students is disastrous.
There is bullying at school: this causes the death of a student who jumps off the roof at school. Nian becomes the object of the bullies’ attention and, as the test approaches, her only hope is the naughty boy Bei, who becomes her keeper. A desperate adolescent portrait, painful and necessary.



Derek Kwok-Cheung Tsang

Derek Kwok-cheung Tsang is the son of the legendary Hong Kong artist Eric Tsang. He graduated at the University of Toronto, and then returned to Hong Kong and joined the film industry as an assistant at Peter Chan’s Applause Pictures. He started to play supporting roles in films such as AV, Isabella (which he co-writed), My Name Is Fame, Run Papa Run and Dream Home. In 2010, Tsang co-directed Lover’s Discourse, alongside Jimmy Wan. Soul Mate (2016) was his first film as sole director.