True greatness consists in being great in small things

(Samuel Johnson)


All the little stories come back to the 24° Umbria Film Festival’s screen, in order to make you dream!

This year we have selected the best short films, which will have the chance to win The Short Films for Children Competition.

As always, it will be a demanding challenge, since we’ll have a very demanding jury: the children among the audience will proclaim the winner!

Below, you can find the selected short films.


  • “o28”, by Otalia Caussè, Geoffrey Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran. Country: France. Lenght: 5’18’’.
  • “Athleticus”, by Nicolas Deveaux. Country: France. Lenght: 2’ (“Athleticus: Artistic Gymnastic Rings”); 2’ (“Athleticus: Gym Keeper”); 2’ (“Synchronised Trampoline”).
  • “Attention Au Loup!”, by Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and Julie Rembauville Country: France. Lenght: 1’
  • “Audition On The Subway”, by SON Heui-song. Country: South Corea. Lenght: 4’34”.
  • “Coeur Fondant”, by Benoît Chieux. Country: France. Lenght: 11’20”.
  • “Coin Coin Final”, by Blandine Caravano, Julien Cassisa, Kenza Chehadi-Fonderflick, Emma Lafond, Gaël Escaravage. Country: France. Lenght: 4’29”.
  • “Elders”, by Tony Briggs. Country: Australia. Lenght: 10’
  • “Heatwave”, by Fokion Xenos. Country: France. Lenght: 7’
  • “Le Crocodile Ne Me Fait Pas Peur”, by Marc Riba and Anna Solanas. Country: Spain. Lenght: 4’
  • “Le Renard et L’Oisille”, by Fred and Sam Guillaume. Country: Switzerland. Lenght: 12’.
  • “Like and Follow”, by Tobias Schlage and Brent Forrest. Country: Japan. Lenght: 2’
  • “Lost & Found”, by Andrew Goldsmith and Bradley Slabe. Country: Australia. Lenght: 7’43”.
  • “Miraculum”, by Claire Eyheramendy, Jean-Baptiste Escary, Etienne Fagnère, Johan Cayrol, Alo Trusz. Country: France. Lenght: 1’24”.
  • “Patchwork Penguin”, by Angela Steffen. Country: Germany. Lenght: 3’20”.
  • “Pumpers Paradise”, by Eddy Hohf. Country: Germany. Lenght: 2’30”.
  • “Sekool”, by Stenzin Tankong. Country: India. Lenght: 14’.
  • “Spring”, by Andy Goralczyk. Country: the Netherlands. Lenght: 7’44”.
  • “The 7 Kids”, by Marina Karpova. Country: Russia. Lenght: 5’20”.
  • “The Beauty”, by Pascal Schelbli. Country: Germany. Lenght: 4’.
  • “The Whole Picture”, by Gyöngyi Fazekas. Country: Hungary. Lenght: 3’21”.
  • “Zoo”, by Nina Heckel. Country: France. Lenght: 3’49”

In addition, for the “Love At First Sight” section, we present you five selected short films for adults.

  • “Memorable”, by Bruno Collett. Academy Award nomination. Country: France. Lenght: 12’02”
  • “Second To None”, by Vincent Gallagher. Country: Ireland. Lenght: 7’
  • “Sister”, by Siqi Song. Academy Award nomination. Country: China and United States of America. Lenght: 8’.
  • “Sohrab and Rustum”, by Lee Whitmore. Country: Australia. Lenght: 13’35”.
  • “Song Sparrow”, by Farzaneh Omidvarnia. Country: Iran. Lenght: 11’43”.