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Tana libera tutti


Director: Vito Palmieri
Script: Marco Gianfreda
Photography: Michele D’Attanasio
Production: World Video Production
Editing: Claudio Di Mauro IAMC
Music: Giordano Corapi
Cast: Eliseo Porcu, Mariagrazia Pinto, Alessandro Anella, Mirko Brizioli
Year: 2006
Country: Italy
Running Time: 8′


Emiliano is six year old. He just moved in a new apartment on a beautiful eourtyard. He quiekly make new friends but there is a little giri, Flavia, that doesn’t seem to notice him at all…


Born in Bitonto (Bari) in 1978. He graduated in Cinema Studies (Dams Cinema) at Bologna University, with a dissertation on the different qualities of digital video and films. He currently lives in Bologna.