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One Last Deal
One Last Deal
One Last Deal

Original Title: Tuntematon mestari

Director: Klaus Härö

Screenplay: Anna Heinämaa

Photography: Tuomo Hutri

Editor: Benjamin Mercer

Music: Matti Bye

Cast: Heikki Nousiainen, Amos Brotherus, Pirjo Lonka

Production: Making Movies – Nordberg & Aho

Distribution: LevelK

Year: 2018

Country: Finland

Length: 95 min

Synopsis: An elderly art dealer Olavi is about to retire. A man who has always put business and art
before everything – even his family – cannot imagine life without work. At an auction, an old
painting catches his attention. Olavi suspects it is worth much more than its starting price, which is
low because its authenticity hasn’t been confirmed. Olavi’s instincts kick in. He decides to make
one last deal in order to earn some proper pension money. At the same time, Olavi’s daughter
Lea– whom he hasn’t seen for years – asks him to help her with his teenage grandson Otto.
Together with Otto, Olavi starts to investigate the background of the painting.
They find out that the painting is called Dark Christ and was painted by Ilya Repin. Olavi manages
to buy the painting, but when the auction house realises that there has been a mistake with the
original pricing, they turn against him. To fulfil his dream, the old dealer must face both the
auction house and his own past mistakes.


Biography: Klaus Härö(b. 1971) is one of the most successful Finnish filmmakers. His latest film,
The Fencer(2015), was nominated for the Golden Globes and shortlisted for the Oscars in 2016.
His first feature film, Elina, won the Crystal Bear in Berlin in 2003 and the Ingmar Bergman prize in
Sweden in 2004. His other films include Mother of Mine(2005), and Letters to Father Jacob(2009).
He has directed a total of five feature films. Four of them have been Finnish national entries for
the Oscars. His films have won more than 60 prizes at festivals all around the world.