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Vdol’ i poperyok – Beetween the Lines

Director: Maria Koneva

Screenplay: Maria Koneva

Animation: Maria Koneva, Eugeny Fadeyev

Editor: Maria Koneva

Music: Machito

Cast: Onno van Boven, Emilie Oldenstam, Sjaak Paludanus, Henk Berkelaar, Gerda Lips, Toon van Brussel, Mieke Kuijpers, Remy Evers, Anne van der Burg, Bob Aronds, Myrthe Boersma, Jilles Flinterman, Bibi van Lieshout, Luuk Ritmeester

Production: Aqwarius Films

Year: 2017

Country: Russia

Length: 5′

Synopsis: Swinging jazz music, swaying hips, and fluttering eyelashes. A lonely zebra longs to find a partner – and wherever it turns, it sees other other animals who have already found partners. It’s enough to drive a zebra crazy. In a mesmerizing dance of shifting black and white lines, flickering circles, blinking eyes and swaying bodies this charming film tells a love story set to the rhythm of the music.


Maria Koneva was born in Kaluga in 1989. She moved to Moscow after graduating from school. She started shooting stop-motion short films and commercials with a small group of friends, with whom she organized an animation studio called “7BiOz”. She graduated from “Shar School-Studio” in 2015 and currently works as free-lance animator and director of animation series.





Teatro San Fedele 7th July h. 6 pm