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The Whole Picture

Director: Gyöngyi Fazekas

Script: Alexandra Kocsis, Gyöngyi Fazekas, Zsolt Magyari

Photography: Zsolt Magyari

Editor: Gergely Roszik

Music: Kristof Darvas

Cast: Niké Kurta, Péter Birinyi, Karen Gagnon

Production: Stereographer Kft.

Country: Hungary

Year: 2019

Length: 3’20”


The love of Adam and Eve in the setting of film history.


Gyöngyi Fazekas was born in Hungary, 1991. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, with Film
Theory and History major at ELTE, Budapest, and a Motion Picture Artist master’s degree at Budapest
Metropolitan University. She’s been writing and directing short films since 2014. Her main subject is virtuality
in human relationships. She believes that a film is the reflection of the soul.