Winners of the 24th UFF

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Winners of the 24th UFF

Another edition has ended.  This year, Umbria Film Festival has been different from the previous ones, but still exceptional.

We had to deal with the difficulties due to the Covid-19 emergency, but despite everything UFF has kept its purposes: to bring the magic of cinema to the streets, making it available to everyone, to excite and daydream!

We want to thank all the staff and the participants, who have contributed to the success of the Festival with their work .

We dedicate even greater thanks to our audience: you filled the audience, you applauded, laughed, jumped, someone was even moved.  Without your support, San Francesco square would have been empty and silent.

The Umbra Film Festival will be back next year, even stronger, to tell you the best stories!


Here are the winners of this edition.

“Papicha”, by Mounia Meddour, is the Best Film of the 24th UFF.  Nedjma’s dramatic story has struck a chord with the public and her cry of hope and revenge gave her a well-deserved first place.



For the Best Short Film for Children section, the victory went to Eddy Hohf’s “Pumper Paradise”.

The silver medal goes to Nicolas Deveaux’s “Athleticus: Gym Keeper” and his elephant with a perfect aim!

Finally, a bronze medal for “Lost & Found”, by Andrew Goldsmith and Bradley Slabe, the moving love story of two soft toys in the Lost Property office.

The ranking has been done by our small but really good jury of children, who motivated their choice through the words of their spokesperson, Damiano:


 «All the shorts were beautiful and made us laugh a lot, but also moved us.  We have seen hippos dancing on trampolines, a wolf looking after seven kids and a fox adopting a bird!

 In the end, however, the winning short that we liked the most was “Pumpers Paradise”!  An ironic short, which made us laugh from start to finish.  This film teaches that you should always stay in physical shape without exaggerating.

 Thank you all for this fantastic experience, it was unforgettable and magical!»