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Title: Cocodrillo

Director: Jorge Yùdice

Screenplay: Jorge Yùdice

Photography: Julieta Lutti

Editor: Guillermo A. Chaia

Music: Amos Blanco, Ibrah Pedernera

Cast: Marta Bayarri, Alejandro Bordanove, Javier Casamayor

Production: Japonica Films

Year: 2019

Country: Spain

Length: 4’

Synopsis: Like every afternoon, Alicia prepares a cup of tea and watch her favorite youtube channel: VictorGaming. A role action video games channel. Victor, the youtuber, is streaming now answering questions from his fans. Alicia has a very important thing to say to him.

Biography: Jorge Yùdice Graduated at ESCAC. He combines his job as advertising editor with the direction of short films. Highlights his shortfilms Simetría, Llums and especially Bus Story that has been selected in over one hundred festivals, winning national and international awards. Currently he is on his first featured film.