27th Umbria Film Festival: the events of this edition.

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27th Umbria Film Festival: the events of this edition.

The Umbria Film Festival will bring cinema to the square from July 5 to 9, but it will certainly not be limited to film screenings: a rich calendar of cultural events will enliven the village of Montone during the days of the festival: as always, the best of international and national cinema will be accompanied by concerts, moments of discovery and art.



Festival concerts

Tuesday, July 4, from 9 p.m., Piazza San Francesco.

The prestigious Belfiore Philharmonic will perform in St. Francis Square with the program Movie Soundtracks: Our Stories – The Sounds of Cinema. Symphonic pieces from the soundtracks of such masters as Morricone, Zimmer and Williams will be performed along with the projection of scenes from their respective films.

Friday, July 7, from 6 p.m.,Piazza San Francesco.

The Gibli Quartet will perform the show The Enchanted City, paying homage to Hayao Miyazaki and the Japanese Studio Ghibli animation films with soprano voice, flute, keyboards and trombone pull.

Sunday, July 9, from 6 p.m. Piazza San Francesco.

The traditional concert of the Braccio Fortebraccio Philharmonic of Montone will return to resonate its 160-year history within the walls of the village.

The conference
Educating for peace in a world on fire

Thursday, July 6, from 4 p.m., Church Museum of St. Francis.

In a world on fire such as the present one, it is increasingly urgent to revive the ways of diplomacy and dialogue.

The conference, held in collaboration with the RAI Regional Headquarters of Umbria, intends to offer space to the work of peace education and care currently underway in many Italian schools and in the peripheries of the world, and then focus attention on the role that cinema can play in sensitizing the younger generations to the repudiation of violence.

Among the speakers will be the best-known British director in the UFF family, the inimitable, historic and ever-present Terry Gilliam.

DIFFUSA – The Diffuse Photographic Exhibition
from Tuesday, July 4

The Umbria Film Festival organizes a diffuse photographic exhibition and invades the territory – 27 years of history inhabit the streets of Montone.

The characters, who in past editions have given life to the Festival, take to the streets and animate Montone, transforming the places into an open-air cinema. Large colorful sails occupy the streets moving the space in a mysterious dance, and the backdrop, which has hosted this initiative over time, also becomes part of the show.

DIFFUSA’s photos were chosen from shots in the Umbria Film Festival’s photo archive. Thanks to all the talented photographers who have captured the Festival over the years. The exhibition includes photos by Paolo Amadei, Simone Burattini and Rebecca Heyl.