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Back for its fourth edition is AmarCorti, the section of the Umbria Film Festival dedicated to promoting the resourcefulness, creativity and courage of young Italian filmmakers. This unmissable event is a celebration of emerging cinema and a platform to discover the future protagonists of the seventh art.

AmarCorti is the perfect stage to experience cinematic innovation through short films that defy convention and offer inimitable ways of storytelling.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique cinematic experience where each film is a journey through the creative minds of the young filmmakers of today and tomorrow. AmarCorti is the event that highlights the future of Italian cinema, giving audiences ever-changing emotions and perspectives.

Discover this year’s competing titles and be inspired by a new vision of Italian cinema.

Venus de Milo
By Giorgio Cantarini and Marial Bajma Riva

In this romantic comedy that resembles a fairy tale, the routine of an unlucky Greek fisherman is disrupted by the arrival of a tourist, whom the boy falls platonically in love with after a brief encounter. Thus begins a long and clumsy pursuit in search of the right moment to confess his feelings, risking the chance to seize that love and break the cycle of a monotonous life.

Le fenne
By Giulia Di Maggio

At 10 years old, Clarissa already feels grown up, but she soon discovers she’s still missing something to be considered a woman. So begins Clarissa’s intimate, turbulent journey as she tries to uncover the secret the women in her village are hiding. But only after losing herself does Clarissa discover what it really means to become an adult.

Zum See
By Federico Fasulo

Between chores, daily errands, waits and meetings, the two teenagers in this story look for an opportunity to spend time together in the short span of summer holidays.

Finché un giorno
By Saeid Shahparnia

The Story of a Neighborhood Independent Bookstore: Its Local Activities, Commitment to the Community, and Role as a Social and Cultural Hub in a Contemporary Metropolis.

By Riccardo Stabilini

Crema, Northern Italy. In the motionless countryside, under the summer sun, a group of young girls and boys is portrayed in their daily activities. Dalin is one of them: her days reflect a lifestyle that is as common as it is precious.

Mignolo / Little Finger
By Gianluca Granocchia

Valerio can no longer feel emotions. His only passion is blowing up anthills with homemade bombs. To survive he works as an entertainer at children’s parties by dressing as a wolf. When a new animator wearing a costume identical to his steals his job, Valerio plans revenge that will prove to be a new beginning.

Las Memorias Perdidas de Los Árboles
By Antonio La Camera

In the heart of the Peruvian Amazonian forest, two trees reawaken during the night. They undertake a spiritual journey to discover a past in which they were two baby siblings.


Radio Perla del Tirreno
By Noemi Arfuso

1975. Mimmo Villari is 29 years old, lives in Calabria, South Italy, and has a dusty guitar in the basement that hasn’t touched for a while. In that period the first pirate radio experiences begin in Italy. Mimmo is thrilled by the rumors about it and wastes no time: he builds himself an FM transmitter and thus sets up Radio Perla del Tirreno, the first pirate radio in Bagnara Calabra.

Chello ‘ncuollo / Impure
By Olga Torrico

Renata lives in a small country town where time seems to have stopped, and life follows the rhythm of rural activities. During the summer Renata gets her first period. A sense of upset arises within her when she realizes that ancient folk beliefs around menstruation influence the lives of women of the place.

Benzina / Gasoline
By Daniel Daquino

Vincenzo runs a gas station on a provincial road. He suffers from an OCD that makes his life full of maniacally ordered gestures and rituals. The hours go by, the songs on the stereo, the cars and the jokes of two kids. Only a woman seems to notice him and she lights something in Vincenzo that makes him react in an unexpected way.


Menomale / Just As Well
By Alberto Palmiero

25 year-old nurse Peppe has to help his girlfriend Anna to move in the town where she is going to work as a teacher. On a warm September afternoon, the couple will try to figure out what will be of their young love story.

At Night
By Roberta Martinelli

In a seemingly ordinary night, a boy wakes up to discover that his girlfriend hasn’t returned from a night out with friends. Listening to a voicemail from her, he finds himself witnessing, remotely, an attempted street harassment, unable to do anything to stop it.


By Paolo Bonfadini and Davide Morandi

Anna is growing up. She’s just turned 7-years-old. Stefano, and Margherita, want to surprise her, teaming up while a series of unexpected events happen. The awkwardness and stubbornness of their family ritual, makes a father and a young receptionist dive into an unusual night adventure to find a secret and ‘magical’ way to communicate without words.


By Luana Rondinelli

Assunta is a prostitute who, once her little son Mattia has been removed from the brutal fury of a violent father, chooses to give him into foster care to allow him to have what she, momentarily, cannot give him.


Corpo Unico / One Body
By Mia Benedetta

In a dystopian present/future women have become extinct. It is a world of hunter-men only, in which even the memory of feminicide committed by them is punished. The three leading men are locked up in a closed space because they are infected with memory. It’s the penalty of retaliation.


Tilipirche / Grasshoppers
By Francesco Piras

In un paesino nel cuore della Sardegna, durante una terribile invasione di cavallette che divora ogni cosa, un allevatore deve affrontare il passaggio di testimone, da padre a figlio, per la gestione dell’ovile.


By Eugenia Costantini

Sonia, an introverted thirteen-year-old girl, suffers from a disorder that prevents her from breathing deeply. Raised in a messy family, she doesn’t find the support she needs in the delicate transition between the end of childhood and the beginning of adolescence. While a part of her little world rejects her – her school friends, her boyfriend – she meets Daria, a slightly older and much more self-confident girl, who offers her friendship.

I, Lina
By Luana Lou Fanelli

Lina spends her 14th birthday just like every other day, stuck on the farm working and not in education like her more affluent teenage neighbour Clara, who attends a school for the deaf. Overhearing her older brother wanting to attend a party but needing female accompaniment to get in, Lina shares this knowledge with Clara: this news is the perfect excuse for the two girlfriends to make up a plan and escape their sad reality, for just one night.

Nina: variations on the theme
By Matteo Esposito

Gaetano is a young photographer who begins to notice an incessant coming and going of men towards his neighbor’s apartment, so he begins to get curious about the charming woman he shares the wall with, spying on her and coming to find out strange things, with the help of the weird doorman of the condo.

Un respiro parziale ma intero / One breath partial but complete
Di Lorenzo Spinelli

In June 2022, while the director is working on the narration of his encounter with Patrizia Cavalli, of the time spent together and of the glances that were first attentive and then emptied by the illness, the poetess dies. Few images remain of the author as he knew her: the only possible gesture is to narrate through metaphor, with archive images and a text that, between a declaration of love and a last farewell, alternates with poems recited by the author.


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