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Another Mother


Director: Paula van der Oest
Screenplay: Stan Lapinsky, Paula van der Oest
Cast: Arijs Adamsor, Lanis Reinis
Country: Holland
Year: 1996
Running Time: 95’

Riga early 90s. After witnessing his mother’s suicide, Elvis a 10 year old doesn’t speak any more. Yuris, his father, brings him to Holland hoping to start a new life with Marie, a long time pen-friend. When, after an adventurous trip they manage to get to Marie, she doesn’t want toh ave anything to do with Yuris.


Born in Holland in 1965 Paula van der Oest is a film director and screenwriter either for cinema and television. Another Mother is her second feature film that has won the 1997 Netherlands Film Festival and the Saõ Paulo International Film Festival.