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Director: Lais Bodanzky
Script: Luiz Bolognesi
Photography: Hugo Kovensky
Editing: Jacopo Quadri Letizia Caudullo
Music: André Abujamra
Songs: Arnaldo Antunes
Cast: Rodrigo Santoro, Càssia Kiss
Production: Fabrica Dezenove Som e Imagens
Year: 2000
Running Time: 84′
Country: Brazil


Brasilia Film Festival 2000, Recife Film Festival 2000, The prize Margarida de Prata di CNBB (National Conference of Brazilian Bishops), Locarno Film Festival 2001 – Prize of Youth Jury

This film is based on a true story. A middle class, Brazilian teenager is forced to live a Kafka-esque nightmare after he has been unjustly interned in a hellish psychiatric ward. Neto is a good-looking and free-living twenty year old. Like most teenagers in San Paolo, he lives a life filled with indie rock, car rides, and smoking the occasional joint. Nato’s family feels they have no control over him, so they trick him into entering a psychiatric hospital. He gets trapped in an absurd, no-exit bureaucratic system with its cruelties and its corruption.