“CARAVAGGIO di chiaro e di oscuro” at the Fuori Festival

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The Fuori Festival keeps on going, with appointments and initiatives linked to art, culture and cinema. Scheduled for 7 May, at 21:00, at the San Fedele Theatre in Montone the show ‘Caravaggio di chiaro e di oscuro’.

How many details does it take to tell the story of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio?

Francesco Niccolini and Luigi D’Elia tell in their own way another fragment of the wilderness they hold so dear.

After White Fang, Moby Dick and Tarzan, they move away from great literature to plunge into the most sublime and abysmal painting, that of Caravaggio.

This is the third biographical tale in their production, after André and Dorine and Cammelli a Barbiana. They are producing this new work together with Enzo Vetrano and Stefano Randisi, who for the first time are trying their hand at directing a monologue. All together they try to cross the golden age of Italian and European culture, that early 17th century that saw the blossoming of the greatest masterpieces and revolutions in Western thought, art and science: Shakespeare, Galileo, Cervantes, Gesualdo da Venosa and Caravaggio. All born and all dead in the same years. The show was produced as part of the Mesagne Capitale Cultura di Puglia 2023 – Umana Meraviglia project, which arose from the cultural and social process that led the small Apulian municipality from marginal territory to finalist as Italian Culture Capital 2024 and now a reference point in the art scene of Southern Italy.


Fuori Festival – Loving Art. “CARAVAGGIO di chiaro e di oscuro” 7 May at 21:00 San Fedele Theatre, Montone (PG)