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Director: Alessandro D’Alatri
Script: Alessandro D’Alatri e Anna Pavignano
Photography: Agostino Castiglioni
Music: Aldo De Scalzi, Pivio De Scalzi
Editing: Osvaldo Bargero
Cast: Stefania Rocca, Fabio Volo
Production: Magic Moments, RAI Cinema
Distribution: 01 Distribution
Year: 2001
Running Time: 114′

Country: Italy

Tommaso and Stefania are very much in lave, married and with a lovely san called Andrea. They are surrounded by the well-intentioned advice of their parents and friends, and they live their relationship with great serenity. But at what point does this plethora of friendly, helpful advice become hard to deal with? Soon the couple goes through a transformation They are not able to understand or to help each another and they do nothing but fight. This goes on until they decide that they can no longer stand it and think a separation is the answer. Not ali is lost though, because what seems like Stefania and Tommaso’s inevitable destiny is only one of the possible realities in a couple’s path through life.