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Intervista a mia madre

INTERVISTA A MIA MADRE / Interview to my mother

Director: Agostino Ferrente, Giovanni Piperno
Photography: Giovanni Piperno
Editing: Paolo Petrucci
Music: A. Murzi eD. Sepe
Cast: Adele Serra, Enzo Della Volpe, Fabio Rippa, Silvana Sorbetti, Antonella Sorbetti, Jessica Serra
Production: Rai Tre -Teatri Uniti – Pirata M.C. for the tv series Cera una volta
Year: 1999-2000
Running Time: 52′
Country: Italy

Key project from the workshop of Bardonecchia for Documentary in Europe 2000 (European Documentary Network), Public’s Prize at the National Awards Libero Bizzarri 2000, Honorable Mention, Turin Film Festival section Doc 2000, Best film at Maremma Doc Festiva I 2000

It’s the story of four young Neapolitan kids. Four lives that mingle with each other in the Naples of the lower middle classes and the proletarian reconstruction, where the possibilities of a future are few and far between, if not nonexistent. A world without any kind of projects where the future is made-up, like television… However, at least this time round, the point of view changes and the camera is used by the young kids in a disarming and unscrupulous way