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Koyaa –  The Naughty Toy Car

Director: Kolja Saksida

Screenplay: Marko Bratuš, Kolja Saksida

Animation: Julia Peguet, Will Hodge

Cinematography: Miloš Srdic

Editor: Monika Drahotuski, Tomaž Gorkič

Music: Miha Šajina

Production: ZVVIKS – Radio Television Slovenia

Year: 2017

Country: Slovenia / Croatia

Length: 2’45”

Synopsis: It’s raining outside and Koyaa decides to tidy up his room. In the background, Mr. Raven is sizing up a wooden plank for his new birdhouse. Once Koyaa has finished cleaning, he proudly looks around and steps on a toy car he’s missed. He takes a crazy ride, zig-zagging around the place like a figure skater out of control. The naughty little car is taunting Koyaa, making a ruckus and refusing to behave, but Koyaa manages to trick it into playing nicely.


Kolja Saksida is a director, producer, and teacher who received his Master’s degree in Film Studies from the ECAL University in Lausanne. He worked on the animated series Koyaa and his films were shown at more than 250 international film festivals and other venues worldwide. Saksida is an assistant professor at the School of Arts of University of Nova Gorica, and the director of the production company ZVVIKS. Koyaa – Naughty Toy Car (2017) is his latest film.


Teatro San Fedele 7th July h. 6 pm