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MAI PIÙ COME PRIMA / Never be the same again

Director: Giacomo Campiotti
Script: Giacomo Campiotti, Alexander Adabachian
Photography: Duccio Cimatti
Music: Corrado Carosio, Pierangelo Fornaro
Editing: Joe Walker, Fabio Nunziata
Cast: Laura Chiatti, Natalia Piatti, Federico Battilocchio, Nicola Cipolla, Marco Velluti, Marco Casu, Francesco Salvi, Pino Quartullo, Daniela Scarlatti, Lunetta Savino
Production: Giacomo Campiotti for Prana Film in collaboration with Medusa Film, Sky
Distribution: Medusa
Year: 2005
Country: Italy
Running Time: 106′

After high school graduation, Giulia, Martina. Fava, Lorenzo, Enrico, and Max – a sensitive and foolhardy handicapped boy – leave for a trekking adventure in the mountains, Here, in the middle of this beautiful but also harsh and rugged nature, the boys will begin taking responsibility for themselves as well as for others and they will start making decisions and not bend in front of the difficulties they will encounter. When they return to the city, they will not be the same as before.


Born in 1957, he graduated in Educational Sciences at University of Bologna. For several years he was active in the organization of theatrical shows in squares all over Italy and abroad based on theatrical machinery, fireworks and hot air balloon launches. He began working in cinema first as assistant and then as casting director for Mario Monicelli. However, since he preferred a more practical approach to cinema, in 1982 he went to Ermanno Olmi’s Ipotesi Cinema. In 1990 he made his first feature film, Corsa di Primavera. In 1992 he co-wrote with Alexander Adabachian the script for Come due coccodrilli, which was distributed in 1995. After filming Il tempo dell’amore (1999), in 2002 he shot the TV series of Zivago. In 2004 he founded Prana Film with which he produced and directed Mai più come prima, while in 2005 he co-wrote and directed for Mediaset the Tv drama La guerra sulle montagne.