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Omar et Pincette

Title: Omar Et Pincette

Director: Julien Sulser

Screenplay: Julien Sulser

Animation: Franck Bonay, Charlotte Lasseye, Thibaud Adam, Stephan Lentz, Mislav Tomasinjak, Sixtine James

Editing: Damien Audoin, Julien Sulser

Production: Louise Productions Lausanne, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse

Year: 2021

Country: Switzerland

Length: 7’


Omar is a circus monster with a large soft body and crab claws instead of arms. Always exploited by Mr. Jules, an arrogant ringmaster, Omar has sadly resigned himself to his fate. Pincette, an acrobat mermaid, upsets his existence and makes him feel new feelings: Omar loves her, and she is in love with him.





Julien Sulser

Julien Sulser was born in 1970 in Lausanne, Switzerland. 1995-99 Attends ECAL (École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne), cinema department. 1999 Receives degree in directing from ECAL. Music composer. Lives and works in Lausanne