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PANIEK! / Panic!

Director: Joost Lieuwma & Daan Velsink
Script: Joost Lieuwma & Daan Velsink
Animation: Daan Velsink, Lukas Krepel
Editing: Daan Velsink
Music: Jorrit Kleinen, Alexander Reumers
Production: il Luster Films
Year: 2015
Country: Holland
Running Time: 6′

NL award for ‘Best Laugh’ – Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2015

In the car Marja has a sudden rush of panic: did she turn off the gas? Did she leave the water running? Is the window locked? In her mind her imaginary mistakes grow to absurd proportions.


Joost Lieuwma has been working as an animator and director since 2005. His animated short films have won several audience awards on different international film festivals.


Daan Velsink is a writer, director and producer of animated content for every size screen. Beginning of 2013 Daan and Joost founded animation studio Frame Order with four colleagues in which they produce large scale animated films for clients and audiences worldwide.