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Sherbert Rozencrantz, You’re Beautiful

Director: Natalie van den Dungen

Screenplay: Natalie van den Dungen

Photography: Tania Lambert

Editor: Matthew Walker

Music: Donny Benet

Cast: Julia Savage, Mandy McElhinney, Peter Fenton, Maggie Ireland-Jones, George Holahan-Cantwell, and Sierra Davis

Production: Trifle

Year: 2017

Country: Australia

Length: 10 min

Awards: Coup de Cœur Canal+ family (Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival)

Synopsis: Milly’s world revolves around her pet guinea pig. When her mother attempts to engineer for her a ‘real’ friend, it results in ridicule and forces Milly to question her sense of self.


Natalie van den Dungen is a Sydney-based writer and director, whose short film “Bunny New Girl” exploded onto the world stage of film festivals in 2015 and claimed 15 film awards. Prior to this, Natalie had been honing her craft as a director and co-producer of behind-the-scenes, webisodes, and interstitials for major network drama shows and directing more than 35 music videos for some of Australia’s best entertainers. In her early career, Natalie spent 7 years as a camera assistant on feature films and television. She has a graduate degree in screenwriting from AFTRS and is currently developing a coming-of-age feature film and a short series based on her screenplay for “Sherbert Rozencrantz, You’re Beautiful”, as both the screenwriter and the director.



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