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Director: Edgar Reitz
Screenplay: Peter Steinbach, Edgar Reitz
Photography: Gernot Roll
Music: Nikos Marnangakis
Cast: Kai Taschner, Herbert WeiBbach, Gunther Schiemann, Annette Junger, Erika Wachernagel
Production: E. Reitz FiImroduction
Year: 1977
Running Time: 112′

Country: Germany

The young Joschi is searching for a treasure hidden by a Nazi official during the retreat, in Mbckern’s cemetery. After finding it, Joschi wants to follow the American soldiers. The town awaits with fear the arrival of the Red Army that will take possession of the area. Joschi finds the treasure but the Russians have already arrived. llsa, a refugee from the south, is hiding but is found, in order to defend her, Joschi fires a shot and all the men of the town are shot.