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“From the Umbria of the Grand Tour to the Umbria Film Festival Common Good”.

The proceedings of the Conference held during the 26th Edition of the Umbria Film Festival will be presented at an incredible event: UmbriaLibri – 23, an event and cultural festival which every year brings a wave of creativity to Umbria, involving and connecting old and new publishing realities, personalities and minds from all over Italy and beyond, drawing them all together around that so precious commodity which is culture.

The 2023 Edition – Autumn Writings will host in Perugia, on Friday 27 October at 11. 30 at the headquarters of Palazzo Graziani (Sala delle Colonne), the presentation of the proceedings of the Conference “Dall’Umbria del Gran Tour all’Umbria Film Festival bene comune”, a choral discussion on the contribution of quality cultural events and in particular of film festivals to the regeneration of Italian villages and the valorisation of the artistic and environmental wealth of inland areas with a view to sustainability.

Speakers on the day will include Filippo Stirati – Mayor of Gubbio and President of the Area Interna Nord Est Umbria, Rita Rossetti-Console of the Italian Touring Club for Umbria, Mirco Rinaldi – Mayor of Montone; coordinated by Giovanni Parapini – Director of the RAI Regional Headquarters of Umbria.The organisation is by the Umbria Film Festival Association.

You can find the complete programme below and, in preview, the proceedings that will be presented and discussed on Friday 27 October.