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Director: Erik Van Schaaik
Script: Erik Van Schaaik
Animation: Erik Van Schaaik, Wendo Kroon
Music: Martin Fondse
Editing: Erik Van Schaaik
Production: il Luster Production
Distribution: il Luster Production
Running Time: 5′
Year: 2004
Country: Holland

A short comical animation film about a man struggling against a storm. When the man suddenly meets a little girl we discover that somebody is controlling the wind…


Born in 1968 started making film at age twelve. His homemade horror and fantasy creations made it to local and even to international television. During his study graphic design at the academy of arts Erik started working for Dutch television creating a series of animation films, live action drama and documentaries, always using a variety of styles and techniques. After graduating, Erik continued in the field of children’s television creating the popular series Sausage Dog Titus. Erik is well experienced in every aspect of filmmaking, from camera operating to high tech computer animation, from film scoring to producing.