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Wei Xiao Dey Yu

WEI XIAO DEY YU / The smiling fish

Director: C. Jay Shih & A.Tuan & PLin
Script: Jimmy Liao
Animation: Poliang Lin
Music: Chien-Chi Chen
Producer: PMao H. & Y. Lee
Editing: Alan Tuan & T-bone
Year: 2005
Country: Taiwan
Running Time: 9’40’’

This is a tender and emotional rich story. Under the quiet surface is a man’s deep sorrow. The lonely man follows the glimmering fish jump into the cold ocean, to experience the long forgotten freedom. It’s a wonderful experience for a trembling heart looking for comfort.


Born in 1960, Jay Shih started shooting 8mm animation and experimental films while back in College. He won a few times the prestigious Golden Harvest Animation Competition Award in Taiwan. Besides teaching, he also works as a freelance animation director for several TV companies. Since 2004 July, ha has been teaching at the Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts of National Taiwan University of Arts, and continuing his dedication to animation career.