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AmarCorti, the Umbria Film Festival’s section dedicated to the filmmakers of today and tomorrow, returns for its third edition, with a great novelty: the prizes will be awarded by a jury of professionals.

Scroll the images to the left to see the faces of the new judges

  • Agostino Ferrente, who in 2020 presented his latest documentary “Selfie” at the Berlin International Film Festival.
  • Giuseppe Scoditti, who was in the cast of Nanni Moretti’s latest film “Il Sol dell’Avvenire”, presented in competition at the 76th Cannes Film Festival.
  • Giulia Cosentino, screenwriter and assistant director on Pietro Marcello’s “Martin Eden” and “Io Capitano” by Matteo Garrone, and director of “Lui e Io”.




The jurors will evaluate the nine short films chosen by the selection committee and award two prizes: the Best Short will win a collaboration for the production of a new work by Produzione Straordinaria S.r.l, entry into competition at the Italian London Short Film Festival and will be screened in London as part of CinemaItaliaUK’s film festival.

The Honorable Mention, on the other hand, will have free access to the archives of Augustus Color, an excellence for more than 40 years in the field of production, post-production and restoration of old films.

The screenings will take place on the day of July 7. On the afternoon of July 8 the awards ceremony and a meeting moderated by Lee Marshall, open to the public, will take place.

So here are the chosen ones!

Super Jesus
By Vito Palumbo. 20′, 2022. With Luca Avagliano, Fabrizio Boffetti

Carlo is nine years old. He is gravely ill and he is massively passionate about Jesus. Ugo has been laid off. He is an atheist and a communist, but he decides due to necessity to take part in a casting where Jesus’ character is needed. Therefore Ugo is going to become the greatest superhero of all time: Super Jesus.

Tria: about the feeling of betraying 
By Giulia Grandinetti. 17′, 2022. With Irene Casagrande, Ilir Jacellari, Tiziana Foschi

There’s a law in a dystopian Rome according to which immigrant families cannot have more than three children. If the fourth arrives, it must be born but then one child must be killed. Females are the first ones who must be sacrificed. Zoe, Iris and Clio are three sisters, but one of them will soon be killed.

I wanted to be Gassman
By Cristian Scardigno. 16′, 2021. With Simone Finotti, Sofia Maggi, Astrid Meloni

Aldo Marianecci is a 40-year-old actor seeking fortune. He comes back to his hometown, Cisterna di Latina. He spends the weekend with his lifelong friends and a young American girl he has met on a set in Cinecittà. He spends his days waiting for a phone call that could change his entire life.

Dependent variables 
By Lorenzo Tardella. 15′ , 2022. With Simone Evangelista, Mattia Rega, Silvia Venturi

In the darkness of a theater, Pietro and Tommaso kiss each other for the first time. But when the lights come up the two boys have different expectations about what will happen: a story of hope and fear, desire and intricacy.

The sea which moves things
By Lorenzo Marinelli. 15′, 2022. With Gea Martire, Nando Paone.

Massimo has Parkinson’s disease. His encounter with an African boy will give him the opportunity to react to pain.


Dream of Glass
By Andrea Bancone. 21′, 2022.

Manuele is a blind boy who embarks on a journey to discover the Ventotene island. There he goes to attend a sensory workshop with the island’s school children, and he helps them in their awareness-raising during the lab. Then he keeps on exploring the sea and the wild side of the island with several Ventotene people.

Lost Tracks 
By Gianluca Gloria.10′, 2023. With Antonio Catania, Silvia D’Amico

An elderly inspector and a clumsy recruit investigate the mysterious disappearance of an old man. There is no track of his family, and a kidnapping is suspected. Despite all the chaos in the missing man’s home, all valuable objects have remained untouched. As more and more details come up, the mystery gets thicker.


Jamal Tosmal
By Martina Pastori. 17′, 2022.

Jamal Tosmal is a cynical and eccentric comedy. The two main characters are going to experience a tragicomic “coming-of-age” adventure in the suburbs of Marseille, and this makes them discover incredible and unexpected “treasures” apart from high-rise buildings.

Donde Los Niños No Suenan
By Stefano Sbrulli. 20′, 2022.

Lourdes and her family live a few meters from a huge lead mine that pollutes their environment. Lourdes’ children suffer from serious diseases caused by heavy metal poisoning and this affects their life expectancy.




   Tsunami by Leo Černic

Filmmaker Leo Černic’s tale seeks to explore the theme of caring (and caring) in a playful and seemingly light-hearted manner.

It is a story that at a glance may seem like a comedy of the absurd, but it conceals a deeper spectrum of intent. The director wanted to address the theme of madness, social marginalization, hope, love, and, albeit marginally, the climate disaster we are facing and will face. Whenever we cross paths with someone outside the norm we foolishly try to cure and normalize them expecting them to become like us, even believing that we are helping. And if we ultimately fail to do so, we marginalize him or her by eliminating the “problem.” This story is simply meant to be a small and humble reminder to let go, accept and be accepted. Tsunami tells the story of Speedo, a young man living in a world he no longer recognizes as his own. He soon realizes that the only cure to his malaise is to seek out what this world is not, and let it breathe.