Attention Au Loup!

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Attention Au Loup!

Director: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville

Script: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville

Animation: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin,Julie Rembauville

Music: Maxence Camelin

Production: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville

Country: France

Year: 2019

Length: 1′


Once again, Little Red Riding Hood has to bring a cake, a jar of jam and butter to his grandmother. But this time, the wolf is not at the rendezvous.

Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville. The director’s duo has been writing and directing animated short films for about 15 years. After a first collaboration in 2015 with La Luna productions for Once upon Three Times, they make A Story by Jeannot, co-produced by Xbo films and broadcast on France 3 channel. They have just finished Old Hag, whose screenplay was awarded in 2016 at the Annecy Film Market and prebought by Canal+.