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Title: Benztown

Directors: Gottfried Mentor

Screenplay: Gottfried Mentor

Editing: Gottfried Mentor

Music: Sören Hatje, Gottfried Mentor, Kim Nyaaba, Silvio Schwarz

Animation: Bettina Grünefeld, Gottfried Mentor

Sound: Christian Heck, sumophonic

Production: Studio Film Bilder 

Year: 2020

Country: Germany

Length: 4’45’’


A town is driven mad. The city of Stuttgart fights back with heavy action against its traffic chaos. With far reaching consequences. Other cities might follow the signal…


Gottfried Mentor

1981 Born in Strasbourg, living in Germany. Since 2004 Freelance work in film and TV sector. 2012 Graduated at the Filmakademie Baden- Württemberg, focusing on directing, animation and concept.