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Black and Whity


Director: Reno Armanet
Script: Reno Armanet
Camera: Nicolas Bernard
Animation: Issam Zejly
Editing: Reno Armanet
Music: Reno Armanet
Cast: Raphaël Buzaud, Thomas Buzaud, Reno Armanet
Production: Tigobo Studios
Year: 2015
Country: France

Running Time: 4′

Two friends fearlessly put the pedal to the metal in pursuit of a stolen lollipop in this hilariously high-stakes chase across seaside Marseille.


Born in Marseille, Reno Armanet is a director, animator, music composer and well rounded artist in visual development. His two passions, drawing and music, help him express and balance this artist in everyday life. Reno has created his own independent company with Flavie Darchen: TIGOBO STUDIOS. With TIGOBO STUDIOS, Reno develops his own animation projects including features, short films and TV series. Reno created his own school: tigoboSCHOOL PRO, a project he sees more fitting with his ways, teaching animation with “passion”.