Title: CANARY 

Directors: Pierre-Hugues Dallaire, Benoit Therriault 

Screenplay: Pierre-Hugues Dallaire, Thomas Michael, Benoit Therriault 

Animators: Yannick Puig, Elissa Peterson, Camilo Guaman, Alexander Smith, Juandi Liza, Raphaela Burdis, Daniel Hhuertas, Moise Hergaux-Essame, Charles Larrieu 

Editing: Guillaume Poulin 

Music: Iohann M.Miller 

Voices: Eric Johnston, Bill Bubleck, Michael McCarron 

Production: Sébastien Moreau (Rodeo FX) 

Distribution: Luce Grosjean (Miyu Distribution) 

Year: 2022 

Country: Canada 

Length: 12min 03sec 



A young boy named Sonny works in an underground mine with a group of adult miners. He takes care of the canary used by the men to detect dangerous gas. Hoping to escape the dark underground, the boy teaches his bird to play dead. The clever trick sends the panicked miners to the surface and Sonny gets to enjoy the sunlight. But there will be consequences to this trick. 



Pierre-Hugues Dallaire & Ben have been directing together for over twelve years. Their short films and commissioned work have been featured at the Annecy International Film Festival (Share The Joy, IGA; Vraiment Frais, IGA; Aide Gourmet, IGA). Other achievements include Vimeo Staff Picks (Share The Joy), an Honourable Mention at the Queen Palm International Film Festival (LottoMax Bear), and a CREA Award (MSSS Smoke). After their first short film Outside in 2016, they are now coming back with Canary.