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IL CARICATORE / The loader

Director: E. Cappuccio, M. Gaudioso, F. Nunziata
Script: E. Cappuccio, M. Gaudioso, F. Nunziata
Cast: E. Cappuccio, M. Gaudioso, F. Nunziata, V. Marinese, A. Ricossa
Country: Italy
Year: 1996

Running Time: 91’

Three friends, Eugenio, Fabio and Massimo, struggle to work in cinema. They try to make a short-film using only one film magazine. Based on the original 1995’s short film by the same authors.


These three filmmakers make a short film together in 1995 called Il caricatore, which wins the Public’s and Critics’ Prize at Locarno Film Festival. Their first work as directors is totally autobiographical and a year later becomes a feature film. Screenwriters, directors and actors, these friends make a movie telling their difficulties on making a movie.