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Irma Vep


Director: Oliver Assayas
Screenplay: Oliver Assayas
Cast: Maggie Cheung, Jean-Pierre Leaud, Nathalie Richard
Country: France
Year: 1996

Running Time: 99’

Film director René Vidal watches ‘The Heroic Trio’ and is astonished by Maggie Cheung, a star from Hong Kong. He calles her to Paris to portray Irma Vep in the remake of ‘Les Vampires’. During the filming the costume designer falls in love with the star and Vidal is replaced by another director who will dismiss Maggie Cheung.


He is the son of scriptwriter Jacques Rémy, Olivier Assayas has largely contributed to the ‘Cahiers du Cinema’. His book Conversation avec Bergman was published in 1990. He Graduated at the National Academy of art in Paris, and he is among the first Europeans to become an expert of Asian cinema. In 1994 he has been a member of the jury of the Film Festival in Venice, Irma Vep is his sixth film.