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Umbria Film Festival Conference: Disputed Africa

Disputed Africa: the response of the continent to the superpowers’ assault

10:30 Greetings

Mirco Rinaldi Mayor of Montone
Marisa Berna Honorary President of the Umbria Film Festival APS Association

10:45 am

Enzo Nucci talks about the main topics in his last book: “Disputed Africa: the response of the continent to the superpowers’ assault”

Lucia Goracci, journalist, foreign RAI correspondent
Marco Tarquinio, Member of the European Parliament, Director of Avvenire;
Fabiola Bedini, expert in International Development Cooperation;
Piero Sunzini, Director of Ong Tamat-Perugia (live from Bamako-Mali);
Carla Barbarella, Member of the European Parliament and coordinator of Alisei;
Coordinator: Giovanni Parapini – Director of the Regional Headquarters Rai Umbria


The events which have taken shape from 2020 to date are the midwives of a new world order whose balances, developments and borders are still to be defined.

This work in progress makes Africa the central part of the geopolitical puzzle in fieri. Russia has gone back in the field to reconquer the positions held during the Cold War, entering into competition with China. The U.S. struggles to follow the progress of a rapidly-developing continent, while European countries (France in particular) pay the consequences of a colonial past which keeps going to date, thanks to the forced support of “puppet governments”. Meanwhile even Turkey has entered the continent ….

In this jumble of interests – raw materials, geopolitical control of the area, military bases, trade.. – Africa is trying to carve out a novel role, even through the birth of a new movement of non-aligned countries, but the Jihadi variable weights on everything. Today’s Africa is a precious ally which is appetizing to too many, but fake decolonisation has made leaders more aware of peoples and resources’ potentialities. At this point no one is satisfied with the few crumbs shrewdly thrown from the table of rich countries…

«In this critical moment, we observe the growing interdependence driven by globalization take an abrupt reversal, marked by a stark shift away from our shared principles and goals.
Ancient ghosts have re-emerged. The language of cooperation and the construction of international rules respectful of peoples are being put to the test, leaving room for growing geopolitical tensions that unfortunately often culminate in conflicts». (Sergio Mattarella)

Saturday, July 13 – 10:30 A.M. – Chiesa di San Francesco, Montone