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We are excited to announce a special event within the Umbria Film Festival: a literary book presentation that will transport you to the magical world of words and stories.

Join us for a pre-evening of culture and inspiration, during which you can meet extraordinary authors, discover new books and immerse yourself in compelling tales.

Location: Piazza Fortebraccio, Montone
Dates: Thursday, July 11 through Sunday, July 14
Hours: from 7 p.m.

Special Guests:
Boris Sollazzo
Gabrielle Croix
Franco Dassisti
Michelangelo Iossa

DIEGOPOLITIK -The last great leader of the twentieth century
By Boris Sollazzo. Preface by Alessandro Di Battista. Afterword by di Luigi de Magistris. Cover design by  Roberto Recchioni.

Diego Armando Maradona. He has been celebrated as the greatest champion in soccer history, he has been insulted as the devil who would have corrupted many generations with his bad example, he is the Masaniello who has dared to make Naples great, he is the captain who has brought Argentina on top of the world by mocking its political and historical rivals, From England to Brazil. He has become a protagonist, an inspiration, the title of a film and a film genre.

There’s a church named after him, there are millions of children in the world named Diego due to him. Idol, myth, icon, cursed star, endless champion, D10S and Satana.

LOVE SONG FOR A VAMPIRE – Ethology of the vampire by F. W. Murnau a T.Waititi
By Gabriella Giliberti

Monsters are doorways to a world which escapes from the tyranny of the ordinary. They are a fascinating elsewhere, a distant call, a hand which grabs our throat. If at first we think that we’re getting choked, actually we are forced to breathe in another way, which is simply ours. Among all the monsters, the Vampire is the one who eternally renews with fervor in the collective imagination, the one who keeps alive our ability to wonder and trouble ourselves from era to era, through his indissoluble relationship with immortality, blood and love.

Cursed Poet
By Mattia Labadessa

A work of complex and well-thought-out gestation, yet provided with great spontaneity. The dearest (and suffered as well) themes in Mattia Labadessa’s poetry merge into Cursed Poet: the difficulty in personal relationships of love and friendship, the sense of inadequacy, the challenge to find a place in the world, but also the will to come out, to emerge, precisely through comics. And poetry.

SWINGING 60s -Music, film, fashion, art and culture in 1960s London
By Franco Dassisti and Michelangelo Iossa

On October 5, 1962, the first Beatles 45 (Love Me Do) and the first James Bond film (Dr. No – License to Kill) were released simultaneously. From that day on, world pop culture was never the same: the “fabulous sixties,” the most creative and inspiring decade of the twentieth century, was in fact born.

Taking its cue from that coincidence, the book (embellished with graphics in the style of the time and historical images) traces the epic of a season that saw the world of music, film, the arts, fashion and costume undergo a shock of gigantic dimensions. Not surprisingly, in those days Time called London “Swinging” while Diana Vreeland, editor-in-chief of Vogue, celebrated the English capital as “the most fashionable city in the world.”

From the primordial soup of the 1950s until the “end of the dream” in 1970, the work focuses on the path that saw music as a catalyst that inspired and was inspired by other forms of artistic expression, thus creating a revolutionary and countercultural movement capable of sweeping the world.

The music of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Who, Pink Floyd, Animals, Kinks, Cream and so many other legendary rock bands was the perfect soundtrack to those years and still expresses a formidable fascination of great relevance today.