L’estate di Davide

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L’estate di Davide
L’ESTATE DI DAVIDE / David’s summer
Director: Carlo Mazzacurati
Screenplay: Carlo Mazzacurati, Claudio Piersanti
Photography: Alessandro Pesci
Music: Ivano Fossati
Editing: Paolo Cottignola
Cast: Stefano Campi, Patrizia Piccinini, Tony Bertorelli, Semsudin Mujic, Silvana De Santis, Alessandro Mizzi, Roberto Messini D’Agostino, Emanuele Barresi, Paola Rota, Marinella Anaclerio, Manrico Gammarota
Production: Roberto and Matteo Levi for Tangram
Distribution: RAI
Year: 1998
Running Time: 100′

Country: Italy

Davide is a regular 18 year old who lives in Turin with his broche, every Saturday he goes to was cars to make some little money. For him it’s an important year: his leaving exams have gone well and summer holidays begin. His friends go on a motorcycle trip, but Davide has to go to stay with his uncle in the countryside. This will be the last summer of his young years.