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Director: Dace Riduze
Script: Maris Putnins
Photography: Evalds Lacis
Animation: Dace Riduze
Music: Maris Putnins – AB Studija
Distribution: AB Studija
Year: 2003
Running Time: 12′
Country: Lithuania

Firefly Otis has some problems with his sparkle. He tries to find a girlfriend, but because his special glow is missing, it is not easy. The life of all small creatures is at fever pitch this evening – the Midsummer Night’s Ball is about to begin. Otis must do something fast to find a girlfriend and to take part in the festivities.


Born in in Latvia, she studied at Riga’s Pedagogical and Educational High School to be a school theater director and teacher of art. Between 1999 and 2001, she took her Master’s degree at the Latvian Academy of Pedagogy and Psychology. From 1997, she has been working at Film Studio AB as an animator.