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PANTOFFELHELDEN / Henpecked husband

Director: Susanne Seidel
Script: Susanne Seidel
Animation: Ulf Grenzer, Maurice Goissier, Susanne Seidel, Konrad Weise, Bert Gottschalk, Ina Marczinczick, Matthias Thieme
Music: Thomas Stower
Editing: Rudi Zieglmei
Production: HFF “Konrad Wolf”
Year: 2004
Running Time: 7′
Country: Germany

A lovesick frog does not notice that the sexy female frog he adores is actually made of cloth and is sewn on a farmer’s wife’s slipper. Then he carelessly comes to the notice of a stork and is soon in danger…


Born in1975, she took up studies in film animation at the Konrad WoIf College of Film and Television in Potsdam in 1993. Pantoffelhelden is her graduation film.