How to Make Friends

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How to Make Friends


Director: Kara Miller
Script: Kara Miller
Photography: Nick Tebbet
Music: Splashband
Editing: Simon Cozens
Cast: Laget-Konstantinos Randriamahitasoua-Ga, Rochelle Spence Morris, Jayde Powell, Mat Jackson
Production: Kara Miller
Running Time: 7′
Year: 2004
Country: Great Britain

One day, at the end of her tether, a mother invites two neighborhood girls over to befriend her lonely 11-year-old son. Even she is surprised at the result…


Born in 1974, Kara grew up in Jamaica and Barbados; she read law at Oxford University. Kara has numerous writing credits in theatre and radio. Her film and television writing include: Lolapalooza, a feature in development with Working Title; 22 episodes of Boo!.