Die Kleine Monsterin

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Die Kleine Monsterin


Director: Ted Sieger, Alexandra Schatz
Script: Ted Sieger
Animation: TrickStudio Lutterbeck
Music: Udo Schöbel
Editing: Katharina Thalbach
Production: Ted Sieger, Alexandra Schatz
Running Time: 8′
Year: 2004
Country: Germany

It’s late and all the monsters in monsterland are fast asleep. Ali day long they’ve been monstering about. Up monster hill and down monster dale. They’ve sung monster songs and then fallen into bed and into a deep sleep. All, that is, except for one monster who still isn’t asleep.


Born 1958 in South America, over the years he has worked on children’s comics, on picture books and has created award winning independent animation shorts. Ted Sieger has developed an unmistakeable artistic style which is characterized by unconventional philosophical humour and which contains an element of poetical nonsense. His most recent work is the animation series: Ted Sieger’s Wildlife (100 short films produced by Hahnfilm Berlin) which is being broadcasted worIdwide and is also a book series and a merchandising property.