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La promesse


Director: Luc & Jean Pierre Dardenne
Script: Luc & Jean Pierre Dardenne
Cast: Jérémie Renier, Olivier Gourmet
Country: Belgium
Year: 1996

Running Time: 95’

A man works in illegal trafficking of refugees in the Liege’s suburbia. His son Igor helps him but one day an illegal immigrant dies in an accident. This episode will turn Igor in a champion of refugees.


The Dardenne brothers are one of the rare couples of screenwriters and directors brothers of International cinema. Born in Wallonia, they studies drama at their local art institute, and started to document the hard life of the working classo f their area doing videos. After meeting film director Armand Gatti and cinematographer Ned Burgess, they decide to focus on filmmaking and in 1978 they release their first documentary Le chant du rossignol, but they won’t release their very first feature film Falsch till 1986. La promesse is their first internationally acclaimed movie.