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MAS QUEL MUNDO / Beyond the world

Director: Lautaro Nuñez De Arco
Script: Lautaro Nuñez De Arco
Photography: Lucio Bonelli
Music: Gabriel Chwojnik
Editing: Lautaro Nuñez De Arco
Cast: José Luis Nuñez, Victòr Hugo Carrizo, Nadia Cristaldo
Production: Lautaro Nuñez De Arco
Running Time: 12′
Year: 2004
Country: Argentina

Best Short Film Bafici 2004 – Best Short Film Huelva 2004

A young hunter whose only friend is his dog falls in love with a girl during a folk party.


He was born in the year 1974 in Argentina. He graduated from the University of Films in 1995. He has worked as a writer and director for films, TV and publicity, he also worked as a teacher in The School of Publicitary Creatives and in the University of Films. He is currently writing Dancer of the Woods, his first movie as a director, together with the Producing Company Aeroplano.